Now it’s and Salvatto Sound has regrouped to blend with the times and turn the company towards the future. In the past few years, we have partnered with Wes Lachot Design Group as a field engineering and system integration resource on its projects. Wes’s concept and award winning designs has brought a new understanding to modern studio acoustics and installation for Salvatto Sound. We look forward to more studio’s with Wes and his company as time moves forward.

In addition, Salvatto Sound has been a primary installer for VocalBooth.Com throughout the country for over 15 years. VocalBooth has been a large portion of our business and brought us to levels of client exposure. We have installed literally hundreds of booths for some of the largest communications companies in America in addition to artists and producers. The integration of our companies has led Salvatto Sound to projects too numerous to mention.

One of the staples the installation’s Salvatto Sound has been a part of, has been the inclusion of Equi=tech “Balanced Power Systems”. For more than 25 years Equi=tech has been used for technical power in all facilities we have been a part of in design and service. The Equi=tech brand is unparalleled in its sonic capabilities. As of 2020, Salvatto Sound has become “product specialist” for Equi=tech throughout the country with this major influencer of sonic excellence.

Joe Salvatto

Salvatto Sound is a full service acoustic/audio video design and installation company.

Specializing in complete build outs, to retrofitting of personal sound environments, we have been involved in producing dozens of facilities over the past 10 years. Driven by its founder and operator Joe Salvatto, the company has been committed to developing audio video environments for the professional to casual user, who understands that it's the attention to detail that sets Salvatto Sound apart.

The Beginning

Joe Salvatto began his career at Media Sound in the late 70's in the maintenance department.

Progressing through the field of New York studios (A and R, Penny lane Studios, Multi Sound Studios, BMG Studios, Electric Lady Studios, JSM Music) to finally designing and building Giant Recording.

This main stream boutique studio in mid town Manhattan was an industry hot spot for a diversity of artists such as Keith Richards, Sting, Roy Orbison, P Diddy in his early years, and other musical luminaries too numerous to mention. Suffice to say Salvatto's technological intuition was instrumental in the success of this recording studio's 13 year run till it closed its doors in 1995.

Building the Company

Salvatto went on to join Right Track Recording as its chief engineer for it's mid town location for 3 years. During all these years the requests from the artists and clients of the facilities that he worked in, continued to come thru.

Work on Billy Joel's audio environments as varied as his home studio, to his Tribeca loft rehearsal space, to his personal boats, were just a smattering of the places Joe found himself working. From jingle houses to mastering houses, Salvatto collected clients that continue to call to this day. Never a publicity hound, the work just came in as referrals from one happy client to another.

One notable client that came to seek Salvatto's help was 50 Cent.

His palatial residence outside Hartford Conn is the home of a capable studio that Joe was able to tune and adjust to 50's discerning taste. In addition, a second studio was designed and built for 50 in Chelsea for his G Unit label, allowing him to work in town or in the country.

Whether it is in the country or on a boat, or in a midtown eatery or a suburban house of worship, the diversity of excellent sound and its integration is what Salvatto has brought to countless facilities. Committed to the best possible work Joe Salvatto is a unique breed of hands on audio consultants that lives to work where sound and video can be the best it can possibly be.


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