Salvatto Sound


Kirsch Studio


 Here is an example of a Midtown NY studio that is traditionally designed  for commercial recording. Specializing in television and radio, it has  client comforts and a perfect mix environment for a producer/engineer  setting. 

50 Cent Private Lair


This luxurious installation was commissioned with a studio that was  limited to a 100 sq ft foot print. It is a cockpit sized studio that is  totally sound proof from its NY mid town location. The ambient of both  control room and booth is hushed. Literally you can touch the side walls  of each room with both hands. It was designed around the idea that is a  pocket sized facility for a giant of a client. 

Libratore Residence


 Tucked away in the lower level of a completely renovated Little Italy  town house, this personalized recording studio is a fully isolated  facility that is home to a producer  and commensurate guitarist. The  room is secluded and acoustically balanced. The door used on this room  is an Overly Door which amongst its acoustic attributes, is essentially  bullet proof. 

Tone Farmer Studio


Following a trend of setting professional studios in Westside Manhattan  lofts, Tone Farmer is an expansive facility that is based on the idea of  multiple writers rooms set around a client area that allows the  participants to be indoors while taking in 180 degree views of New York.  The studio offers all the facilities for the fast paced jingle / film  industry that thrives in NYC. One of the largest houses of it's kind,  Tone Farmer is a compelling studio that brings clients out of their  ivory towers to be entertained in this down home facility. 

Analogue Muse


Here is a working audio post facility in Chelsea, that was built as a  temporary room that turned into a popular choice for producers and  advertising types alike. It is fully equipt for V/O  work (a spacious  ASC booth) and mixing in 5.1. The feel of the room is for a producer  client setting behind the engineer with lots of space to move about this  well balanced room. The staff is still commenting to this day on what a  wonderful room this is. They are hoping they will not be leaving this  'temporary' room any time soon. 

Bang Music/Post Factory


 A new trend in the NY audio post era has been to place capable  audio  rooms in video post facilities. In this modest, once secretarial office,  it is now the  home of one of NY's busiest post facilities. With  studios in mid town as well, Bang provides it's resources to film and  television clients alike  in Tribeca. Once again a sensible room that is  based 'within the box'. 5.1 mixing is a daily occurrence, with complete  video lay back accommodations from Post Factory's machine room. All  acoustics and technical installations done by Salvatto Sound. 

LetEmIn Studios


Based in the Gowanas area of Brooklyn, this jumbo sized recording studio  is a throw back to an era when space was 'not' at such a premium. It  has a proper sized live room capable of small orchestras, and intimate  ensembles alike. The client requested a lively ambient. We built custom  panels and a very slick work station that allows the engineer to have a  vantage of both artist and telemetry, that is very easy on the eyes.  With some artful welding, the flat screens are optimally placed to be  completely out of the usual splay of the near field monitors. More mix  positions should be presented like this. 

Media Rite Productions


Here in New York's Chelsea district, is an present day example of how to  preserve the tradition of audio as it should be. This facility is  completely prepared for any type of audio recording. It has a 300 sq ft  live room attached to a control room housing a completely restored 1979  Neve 5300 series recording desk. The equipment list is endless. But the  highlights are 32 channels of Mytek digital audio converters. Then there  is a Neve BCM 10 side car, with a pristine Studer A827 multi track  recorder driven by The Clasp! The Main monitors are Bare foot's and the  monitor control is a Dangerous ST box. The room is a producers dream.  Acoustically wonderful and  there is nothing you will need to make  beautiful music here. 

Sacred Noise


 Once located in the Chelsea section in Manhattan, the client chose this   new location for it's spectacular river views of the Manhattan Bridge.  On the cutting edge of musical composition, this client is absolutely  ecstatic with the out come of this room. A 7 foot Yamaha grand piano  takes it's imposing place in this comfortable writers suite. In this  case the acoustic treatments were literally salvaged from the dumpster  and refitted, and then the room fell into place for minimal outlay. It  is never our intention to do anything that is not within the given  budget of a client. If there are resources to be facilitated we will be  happy to utilize any and all measures to build a room for any level of  clientele.